Year to Date (YTD) June 2017
Who I amAbout Me

Developing websites is my passion. I started programming many years ago; while serving in the United States Marine Corps. I tried many forms of programming eventually landing on web development. I taught myself programming and more specifically web development through trial and error. As well as watching and reading various tutorials. I am constantly improving my skills and working with new technologies.

I've been expanding my knowledge on other technologies as of late. Specifically I've recently started learning: reacte.js, NodeJS, Webpack, ES6, and varius loaders. I actually tried to avoid as much of the javascript language as I could, so I could work more with PHP. Unfortunately the web development world headed down a different path. Single page application and javascript backend, like NodeJS, are expanding drastically. It's my hope to keep up with the web development world so that I can provide modern and powerful applications to my clients.

So Whats with the Dirtyredz?

While in the United State Marine Corps, I served as an infantryman and later as a MV-22 airframe mechanic. I spent most of my time out in the field training. Well being a red head, the longer I spent outdoors the more red my hair became. Naturally the longer I was out in the field training the dirtier I became. Thus I was given the nickname Dirty Red Head by my comrades. Which of course eventually turned to Dirtyredz. I've been using that name for my online presence no matter what I'm doing on the net.